Installation of iroffer mod Dinoex under Linux as a User

Installation Steps

  1. We change into the users HOME directory.
  2. We create and an extra directory for iroffer.
    mkdir iroffer
    cd iroffer/
  3. Gettting the sources of the program.
  4. Extract the sources.
    tar -xvzf iroffer-dinoex-snap.tar.gz
  5. We configure the sources for our Linux version.
    cd iroffer-dinoex-snap
    ./Configure -curl -geoip -ruby
  6. Should "Configure" report some errors, we have to retry after installing the missing packages.
    Sufficient under Debian:
    sudo apt-get install make
    sudo apt-get install gcc
    sudo apt-get install libc-dev
    sudo apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev
    sudo apt-get install libmaxminddb-dev
    sudo apt-get install libssl-dev
    sudo apt-get install libminiupnpc-dev
    sudo apt-get install ruby-dev
    sudo apt-get install ruby
  7. We build the program.
  8. Now we copy the program to the right place.
    cp -p iroffer ..
    cp *.html ..
    cp -r htdocs ../
  9. We start with the "sample.config.
    cp sample.config ../mybot.config
    cd ..
    chmod 600 mybot.config
  10. Only the bot needs to have write permissions here.
    chmod 700 .
  11. We create a password for the admin-chat.
    ./iroffer -c mybot.config
  12. We add the directories to the configuration file "mybot.config".
    "adminhost" should be set to your hostmask. We activate the internal webserver. The directories for the files are added and we use it also for uploads.
    mybot.config should include:
    http_port 8000
    http_dir htdocs
    filedir /home/bot/files
    uploaddir /home/bot/files
    (replace 'bot' with your own login)

  13. We create the directory for the files.
    cd ..
    mkdir files
    Here we can upload the files with FTP or with XDCC later.

  14. We create a startup script.
    cd ..
    nano -w
    Here we add:
    cd /home/bot/iroffer
    ./iroffer -b /home/bot/iroffer/mybot.config
    (replace 'bot' with your own login)

  15. Make the script executeable.
    chmod +x
  16. Start.
    Now the bot should run and connect.